Our specialized company offers on favorable terms and at an affordable price to buy high-quality wallpaper paste in Tashkent of its own production.

What is wallpaper paste?

The simplest, most reliable, effective and popular way to finish walls in a room is wallpapering. This method is also beneficial from an economic point of view. But in order for beautiful and expensive wallpapers to serve for a long time and reliably, it is necessary to produce the most accurate and high-quality pasting. To solve this problem, it is important to choose the right wallpaper paste in Tashkent.

There has been no shortage of building materials either in the republic or in the city for a long time. Goods from different manufacturers, in various packages and in the widest range of prices are offered:

Hardware stores and hypermarkets,

All kinds of online shopping

Vendors in city markets,

Private sellers through press ads and other resources.

Types of wallpaper glue

Wallpaper glue is classified according to the characteristics of the composition used and is divided into the following main categories (according to purpose):

– for plain paper wallpapers (highly specialized);

– vinyl (contains polyvinyl acetate, which provides excellent fixation);

- non-woven (optimal for wallpaper with a strong cellulose base);

- universal (professionals do not trust this option, the average people are attracted by the low price and marketing);

- for glass wall papers (it has a special dispersion composition, characterized by improved strength and excellent performance).

Wallpaper glue manufacturer in Uzbekistan

The BARVENT group of companies offers to order wallpaper glue on favorable terms and purchase a time-tested and practical product in the required volumes at an affordable price and with a quality guarantee. We offer wallpaper glue of our own production. The company's specialists have developed a unique formula and created a technology that makes it possible to produce their own wallpaper glue, which, in terms of its main physical and mechanical characteristics and operational parameters, is not inferior to well-known world brands. At the same time, our cost for wallpaper glue is much lower!

Buy wallpaper glue wholesale

When it comes to choice, buying wallpaper paste is not easy. Some sellers have a meager assortment, others cannot guarantee quality, suggest what type of adhesive composition should be selected taking into account the type of wallpaper, and others unreasonably, inflate prices many times over.

To choose the right wallpaper glue, you need to know the basic parameters, properties and characteristics of the material, as well as contact reliable, trusted suppliers.

Other advantages that characterize wallpaper glue manufactured under the ASDAPAPPER brand include:

Wallpaper glue is classified according to the characteristics of the composition used and is divided into the following main categories (by purpose):

– the quality of gluing the web with the main surface is twice as high (the strength, reliability and durability of the connection doubles);

- preservation of the original characteristics, also transparency, for at least two weeks after the preparation of the working mixture (the main thing is to ensure the tightness of the closure);

- high return rate. It only takes 500 grams of dry mix to make at least 30 liters of high quality mix. In imported analogues, the volume is not more than 10-12 liters.