Titanium dioxide

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Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a colorless crystalline solid. Despite being colorless, titanium dioxide is an extremely effective white pigment in large quantities if it is well purified. TiO2 practically does not absorb any incident light in the visible region of the spectrum.

TiO2 is a stable (the most stable of all known white pigments), non-volatile, insoluble in acids, alkalis and solutions under normal conditions

Titanium dioxide is highly reactive to various compounds, including toxic ones contained in the air. Due to its inertness, titanium dioxide is non-toxic and is generally considered a very safe substance. It can come into contact with packaged foods, and in certain concentrations it can also be used as a food coloring.

Titanium dioxide used:
1) in paints and varnishes (for whitening and for improving hiding power, for protecting coatings from harmful UV rays, for preventing film aging and yellowing of painted surfaces)
2) in plastic industry
3) in the production of paper and cardboard
4) in the production of cosmetics
5) in the production of synthetic fibers / fabrics
6) in Cosmetics
7) in the food industry
8) Pharmaceutical industry
9) in Catalysts
10) in other areas.