Pressure rubber hoses with thread strengthening

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They are used as flexible pipelines for supplying liquids, saturated steam, gases and bulk materials under pressure. Rubber hoses are formed from the inner rubber layer, one or more layers of the textile skeleton and the outer rubber layer.

Operating media
Operating media temperature, °C
Aviation and automobile gasoline
from -50°С up to +70°С
Oil-based oils
Up to +100°С
Jet and diesel fuels
 -50°С up to +70°С
Fluid lubrications,  solid oil  lubrications
 -50°С up to +100°С
Air, neutral gases (inert)
 -50°С up to +60°С
Up to +120°С
Low-freezing cooling liquid
from -60°С up to +120°С
Weak solutions of inorganic acids, alkalis(up to 20% concentration), except nitric acid
from -50°С up to +50°С

Rubber hose 20×30-1,6 GOST 10362-76, where:
20 — inner diameter (mm);
30 — outer diameter (mm);
1,6 — working pressure (MPa).