Carboxymethylcellulose ASDACELL «PREMIUM»


   ASDACELL “PREMIUM” is widely used in the textile industry, for example, for substrate binding, printing on textiles, finishing fabrics, etc.

Application in substrate binding,

After starching and drying, ASDACELL “PREMIUM” can form a solid, durable layer with a certain softness and wear resistance, which adheres well to the fiber surface. In addition, it increases the fiber strength and decreases the dusting rate.

Use in textile printing

  ASDACELL “PREMIUM” with an ultra-high degree of substitution can be used as a thickener in various color pastes for textile printing and has excellent anti-acid and anti-salt properties (e.g., resistance to electrolyte). The viscosity is stable after preparing the thickener and color paste for printing, and the product can completely replace high-quality alginate. This ultimately reduces the cost of finished products.

Use in finishing of textile fabrics

  ASDACELL “PREMIUM” forms a layer that is hard, durable, have a certain level of softness and wear resistance, and is well applied to the fiber surface. In addition, it increases the strength of the fabric during the production process, and also has a thickening effect. As a result, production efficiency increases and the cost of finished products decreases.