Carboxymethylcellulose ASDACELL «MV»


Modern synthetic detergents are complex multicomponent mixtures. The main component is CMC, which reduces the surface tension of water, improves the wettability of the fabric, increases the emulsifying and foaming ability of detergents.


ASDACELL «MV» is widely used in the production of detergents because of its anti-resorption effect, the ability to enhance the suspending effect of inorganic electrolytes and polyphosphates, to stabilize foam and reduce the ash content of cotton fabric products.


Add a little of ASDACELL «MV» to a washing powder or detergent paste to prevent dirt particles from returning to the surface of the fabric during washing to ensure high purity.

  ASDACELL «MV» is used for making:
washing powders
dish gels