ASDACELL grade “HV” in paint and varnish materials performs the function of a highly effective modifier of rheological properties of thickener, suspending. moisture retaining agent in paints and coatings both water-based and organic solvent-based.

It is commonly referred to as a thickener for water-based emulsions. It dissolves quickly, is resistant to bacteria and stable with temperature changes.

ASDACELL grade “HV” is a thickener for high viscosity water emulsions and provides smooth rheology control and extended shelf life, as well as improved adhesion and smooth product flow.

The advantages in application are due to:
Good water resistance and durability;
As a stabilizer it can prevent cracking of the paintwork due to temperature fluctuations;
As a protective additive, it can maintain the stability of the paintwork under changing pH values (acid rain, etc.);
As a thickener, can make the paintwork can be well dispersed and achieve the expected viscosity, and avoid delamination during storage period;
Increases paintwork protection properties, splash and peel protection, which improves appearance and service life;
Allows additives such as pigment and filler to be mixed so that they are dispersed in the paintwork


Major manufacturers of water-based paints for building materials choose “ASDA”, replacing synthetic thickeners HEC and HPMC with “ASDA” thickeners, which helps to reduce the cost of production while maintaining high quality




Large manufacturers of water-based paints and building materials choose «ASDA», replacing the synthetic thickener HEC and HPMC with «ASDA» thickeners, which helps reduce costs while maintaining high product quality