Carboxymethylcellulose ASDACELL “HV”


ASDACELL “HV” in paints and coatings acts as a highly effective rheological modifier as a thickener, suspending agent and moisture retaining agent in both water-based and organic solvent-based paints and coatings. It is rapidly soluble, resistant to bacteria, stable and stable under temperature changes.
This product is a high viscosity thickener and provides smooth rheology control, effective suspension and pigment suspension for even mixing, and maintaining fluid uniformity, increased shelf life, and improved adhesion and smooth product flow.

   It can be efficiently used in paints and varnishes thanks to:
High water resistance and durability
As a stabilizer, it can prevent cracking of the paintwork due to temperature changes
As a protective additive, it can maintain the stability of the paintwork when pH values change (acid rain, etc.)
As a thickener, it can make the paintwork well dispersed, achieve the expected viscosity, and avoid delamination during storage.
It improves the protective properties of paintwork, protection from splashes and peeling, which improves the appearance and service life
It allows mixing additives such as pigments and fillers so that they are dispersed in the paintwork.