Highly purified carboxymethylcellulose ASDACELL “EXTRA PURE”


ASDACELL «EXTRA PURE» is used in ceramic mass, glazing and decorative glaze. It greatly enhances the plasticity of clay and sand materials, facilitates the molding of products and increases the workpiece strength.
It is used in decorative glaze as a binder, which plays the role of a suspending, defloculating and water-retaining substance.

Applied in the manufacture of ceramic products
Applied in the manufacture of glaze.
Applied for ceramic decalcification

ASDACELL brand «EXTRA PURE» is used as a plasticizer and adhesion agent as well as for liquefaction of workpieces. Application of ASDACELL «EXTRA PURE» to the ceramic billet increases slurry flowability, reduces water absorption, increases production speed, and reduces energy consumption during production. In addition, the billet is easy to mold. The mechanical strength increases by 2-3 times. It improves the stability of the billet and improves the quality of the product.

It prevents drying and cracking and controls the product deformation. It stimulates the stability of the product size. In the production of ceramics, ASDACELL «EXTRA PURE» acts as a colorless binding agent or plasticizer, which ensure uniform mixing of components. Addign ASDACELL «EXTRA PURE» PURE during production improves the strength of the finished product. As a suspending agent or paint dryer, this CMC contributes to the uniform distribution of glaze. Moreover, the color becomes bright and clean.