Food thickener “ASDAFOOD” “FH9”


   Food thickener “ASDAFOOD” is used as an additive in the food industry, has functions of thickening, suspension, emulsification, stabilization, shaping, film formation, volume increase, protection against oxidation, preservation of freshness, acid resistance, health protection.

    It can replace guar gum, gelatin, sodium alginate and peptine in applications. Widely used in the modern food industry – for example in the preparation of frozen foods, concentrated drinks, fruit juices, jams, lactic acid products, seasonings, cookies, instant noodles, baked goods, meat products.

    “ASDAFOOD «FH9» has good thickening capacity, water retention, dispersion stability, film formation and chemical stability. It is highly viscous, even at low concentration, and makes the taste of food tender and smooth; it can reduce the syneresis (spontaneous release of liquid) of food and prolong the shelf life. “ASDAFOOD” brand «FH9» can be used together with other stabilizers and emulsifiers to complement the action.

Food thickener ASDAFOOD «FH9» is used in the manufacture of:
alcoholic bevarages
fruit teas, fruit drinks and vegetable juices.
    It is added to milk drinks with a neutral taste, such as chocolate milk to increase the viscosity and prevent the cocoa powder precipitate. It stabilizes drinks and prolongs their freshness
jelly, kissel and jam
instant noodles
bread and pies
frozen boiled wheat products and desserts
    It retains its original state after repeated freezing and defrosting of products. It increases the shelf life of the product.
biscuits and pancakes
ice cream
   It increases viscosity and prevents fat separation. It enhances the ability of ice cream not to melt and makes it taste tender. It reduces the use of raw materials and cost.
fermented milk drinks
It maintains stability and extends shelf life of the product
yoghurt products
   It improves the taste. It prevents the separation of whey and improves the structure of yogurt.
    It regulates viscosity, increases the solids content, softens the texture and gives a special taste. It enhances the color, smell and taste of seasonings and increases the shelf life.