WHITECELL «LV» is widely used in many industries due to its excellent characteristics. It is becoming more and more important material in the construction industry.

  It is used in the manufacture of:
cement mortar:
  • Improves the dispersion of cement and sand, improves the plasticity and water retention of the solution, efficiently prevents cracking and improves the cement strength.
adhesive for ceramic tiles:
   • Improves plasticity and water retention of pressed ceramic tile mortar, improves the adhesion strength of ceramic tiles and prevents grinding.
gypsum concrete pulp
in secondary products made of cement and gypsum:
  • Acts as a binder for pressing cement and asbestos, improves fluidity to obtain homogeneous products for casting.
seam cement:
  • can be added to the seam cement used for making drywall to improve fluidity and water retention