Carboxymethylcellulose ASDACELL “EXTRA PREMIUM”


Liquid wallpaper is a decorative finishing material that has the properties of ordinary wallpaper, plaster and paint materials. It is usually used for wall and ceiling decoration. Liquid wallpaper is a dry mixture that is diluted as decorative plaster. The mixture usually consists of cellulose, cotton, silk or other fiber with the addition of dyes and decorative elements. All elements are natural, and the adhesive based on carboxymethyl cellulose acts as a binder.

Liquid wallpaper in the modern construction and repair industry has many advantages and is increasingly used in finishing. It is not static and does not attract dust, requires no careful preparation of the substrate, forms an additional sound and thermal insulation layer on the walls. In addition, the coating with liquid wallpaper does not form a seam and is similar to fabric.

Using liquid wallpaper, construction and finishing companies considerably profit from the rate and convenience of application, and a higher level of interior design.

Up to 90% of liquid wallpaper produced in Central Asia is made based on carboxymethylcellulose ASDACELL “EXTRA PREMIUM” for liquid wallpaper produced by our company. Our products:

have excellent dispersibility
mix well with other components
allows choosing the optimal preparation time before application
provide high adhesion
are environmentally friendly and safe both during preparation, application, and operation
allows applying ready-made liquid wallpaper to any prepared surface