Many enterprises and organizations working in various fields of industrial production need polyanionic cellulose pac in Tashkent. The main purpose of the product is a thickener and emulsifier. PAC reagent is indispensable in the organization of production in the oil and gas sector, where it is used as an emulsifier and thickener added to drilling fluids.

Here, polyanionic cellulose pac acts as a regulator of such processes as filtration and rheology. Pac Drilling Fluid - hv is considered to provide the desired level of thickening, which contributes to the increase in viscosity. As a result, water-based drilling fluid works more efficiently, providing more efficient oil drilling.

The asdapac drilling agent is also characterized by:

the ability to significantly increase the efficiency of the removal of cuttings generated during drilling during well flushing;
by increasing the density of the foam, which is formed due to the action of chemical reagents;
reducing the speed at which the destruction of shale rocks occurs, as well as activating the process of their swelling;
providing a reduction in the volumes required for air supply.

Different options

PAC HV and PAC LV polymers are used in the production process. There are technical low-level PAC as well as cellulose with a high degree of purification, reaching a figure of 95%.

PAC HV is a high-viscosity cellulose, during operation it performs two important functions: it forms a protective filtration layer against the walls of the well (thus minimizing water loss), and also controls the rheology of the systems.

PAC LV - belongs to the category of low viscosity pulp. It increases the relative viscosity and allows to reduce the filtration parameters of solutions with a minimum level of clay and a low percentage of the presence of a solid phase.


Polyanionic cellulose PAC LV and cellulose PAC HV are one of the varieties of sodium salts with a high degree of substitution. Highly viscous PAC is a powdery substance that is tasteless and odorless, easily soluble in water and has a range of colors from white to cream. Polyanionic cellulose is made from a natural product by its activation (chemical modification).

Benefits of choosing

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Выгодное предложение!

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Благодаря уникальным физико-химическим параметрам, КМЦ клей в СНГ активно используется при изготовлении других видов строительных материалов:

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Реагент для бурения ПАЦ Ташкент предлагают различные компании, но лучшие условия предлагаем именно мы. ПАЦ также достаточно эффективно используется в качестве вещества, регулирующего уровень вязкости, может работать в роли редуктора, протектора или стабилизатора.

Как правило ПАЦ Узбекистан используют предприятия, работающие в сферах текстильной, нефтяной и газодобывающей отраслях экономики. Данный буровой раствор Узбекистан получил наивысшее распространение, пользуется особой популярностью и спросом, в том числе благодаря эффективной способности сохранять стабильность состава и устойчивость к большой концентрации соли.