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Polyacrylamide PAA is produced as a white granular powder. Its second name is polypropenamide. In international production, it is labeled under the name Polyacrylamide or PAM.

Anionic polyacrylamide is a negatively charged polymer. Therefore, it can attract particles of soil, clay or sand to itself. This type of polyacrylamide is used in irrigation systems for soils and crops, processing animal waste products, in the process of drilling wells, and mining.

One of the most popular brands in this area are: polyacrylamide AK 639 (acts as a sealant or thickener for building fluids), polyacrylamide AK 631 (used in the process of drilling wells), AK 642 (added to the compositions of especially durable polymer systems).

The widespread use of polyacrylamide is due to its special chemical properties. Its ability to gelation finds its application in various fields of human activity:

• in the oil refining industry,
• in plastic surgery as a subcutaneous filler.
• during the production of contact lenses,
• in molecular biology,
• in the mining and processing sector (during the extraction of expensive metals, ores, aluminum, titanium),
• during the production of polymer packaging,
• it is introduced into the compositions of cosmetics and detergents (creams, shower gels, sunscreens, shampoos),
• polyacrylamide acts as a flocculant in the wastewater treatment process,
• hydrolyzed polyacrylamide takes part in the processing of drilling fluids obtained from oil wells,
• used in the process of growing plants without the use of soil,
• in the process of seed treatment before planting,
• in the process of production of mineral fertilizers for plants and soil, fungicides, pesticides
• technical polyacrylamide is used in the paper production process,
• this substance acts as a high-quality sizing agent, a means of reducing friction of textile materials,
• a solution of polyacrylamide is introduced into the composition of synthetic threads,
• the hygroscopic composition of polyacrylamide has found its application in the production of diapers, intimate hygiene products for women,
• for homogeneity, it is introduced into the compositions of some adhesives,
• polyacrylamide is added to the composition of aqueous liquids in the fire business,
• introduced into water-based paints as a protective colloid,
• With the help of hydrolysis of polyacrylamide, farmers improve soil structure,
• in coal mines, this substance reduces dust levels,
• in the construction industry, this chemical substance is introduced for the strength of cement masses.