Paper and wallpaper glue


In 2018, PROMXIM IMPEX LLC opened the largest line in Uzbekistan for the production of paper glue under the ASDAPAPER brand. For production of wallpaper paste the enterprise uses the most modern German equipment, the advanced technologies meeting the international standards, scientific technological methods, own laboratory and high-quality raw materials .Currently, existing production is actively developed, improved product quality.

Advantages of ASDACELL in comparison with European and world analogues:

The cost is much cheaper!
The quality of the pasting and fixation of wallpapers with a surface twice as good
In the form of a finished mixture, it can retain its original appearance and adhesive qualities for more than 14 (!) days.
High efficiency: 500 gr. packaging of imported products can be dissolved in 10 - 12 liters of water, and ASDAPAPER products in 30 liters of water, that is three times more solubility

Paper glue ASDAPAPER

In a short time we were able to achieve great success in this direction, first of our way we made a competent strategy for 5 years of our further development, worked with the best marketers to competently achieve this strategy, we were able to implement ASDAPAPER in all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, presented more than 1000 times our products to masters and foremen, managed to improve the design of packaging to the ideal, officially patented our brand. We are pleased to offer a line of the following products

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Our company is looking for regular partners of consumers and dealers.

ASDACELL UNIVERSAL 200 gr; 500 gr; (for light and medium types of wallpaper)
ASDAPAPER PREMIUM 200gr; 500 gr - (for light types of wallpaper)

We constantly update production processes and introduce innovative technologies. To improve the quality of our products, we work closely with the Institute of Chemistry and Physics of Polymers of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as conduct laboratory tests for quality compliance in leading laboratories of the Russian Federation. All our products comply with chemical and technical world requirements according to GOST and ISO quality standards and API (American Petroleum Institute)



CIP- Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Ufa (Russian Federation)
CIP- Almaty, Shymkent, Atyrau, Nursultan and other cities of Kazakhstan
CIP- Dushanbe, Khujand (Republic of Tajikistan)
CIP - Osh, Bishkek (Kyrgyz Republic)
CIP - Baku (Azerbaijan)
CIP - Ashgabat, Turkmenabad, Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan)
P.S: Provided that the CIP is delivered, a minimum batch of 20 tons