Our specialized company offers on favorable terms and at an affordable price to buy a high-quality food thickener in Tashkent of its own production.

What is a food thickener?

Some users are interested in what is a food thickener, for what purposes is it used and how is it applied correctly? In fact, this product is nothing more than a highly effective food additive, a special substance that increases the viscosity of certain foods, thickens them to a certain consistency. The composition of the product includes a food stabilizer, which allows to achieve the required level of consistency of the food mass. As part of the used food adhesive for pharmaceuticals, such fairly effective and completely safe additives as E 469, E 466, and also FH9 are used. Our specialists also introduced the additive Cremodan into the product, with the help of which it was possible to achieve a significant improvement in the physical and mechanical parameters and properties of the product.

It is important to note that the CMC food composition is carefully selected to achieve optimal parameters, such as:

reduced mobility of water molecules
increasing the hydrodynamic resistance of long elongated polymer chains.

Characteristics of the food thickener

Adhesive food waterproof, can be used as a thickener for ice cream or food additive for cosmetics. In any case, high-temperature food adhesive retains its properties of viscosity, ductility, density of consistency throughout the use of the product. It is important that food super glue, with the correct work of the technologist, does not impair the food and taste properties of the product. Food-grade epoxy glue is also quite effective.

The main properties of food thickeners

With the help of a high-performance food thickener, a huge number of different products are used in the food industry. So, for example, food adhesive sealant is indispensable if it is necessary to ensure the formation of a dense, waterproof surface in one or another part of the product. Pharmaceutical glue, without taste and color, absolutely safe for human health, is used in the preparation of various medicines. And the additive for hairspray can significantly improve the quality of the product, while maintaining a high degree of safety, sparing effect on the roots and the entire length of the hair. In general, food adhesive for products, developed by the specialists of our company, is in high demand among the widest range of users.

Characteristic features of food thickener

Carboxymethylcellulose for food, developed by our company's specialists, is constantly being improved and improved. The main ways and means of improving the modifying properties are: changing the temperature of the composition (lowering or raising), making changes to the parameters of viscosity, solubility, and reducing the tendency to retrograde. Products receive an increased degree of resistance to high temperatures, as well as thawing and freezing cycles.

Buy food thickener

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Scope of food thickener

The thickener is widely used in various fields of the national economy. The product is most widely used in the composition of the following main substances:

In the preparation of food: food additive for ice cream, thickener for curd products, food additive for cheeses, thickener for confectionery.

In medicine, pharmacology: food supplement for medicines, food supplement for eye drops.

In hygiene, cosmetology: thickener for toothpaste, thickener for shampoo production, additive for cosmetics.