Food glue: composition, advantages, scope, where to buy

Almost all food industry enterprises use high-quality food glue in Tashkent. More and more managers, technologists, give preference to high-quality products of the Barvent group of companies - the leading manufacturers and suppliers of relevant products in the market of Uzbekistan.

Buying food glue here means purchasing products that meet the best international standards in all respects and have a better price.

Food glue for food products, as well as food glue for pharmaceuticals, are widely used in the following types of production:

production of a variety of packaging: paper, cardboard or plastic;
sticking labels on boxes, boxes, bottles, other containers;
as a high performance hairspray additive;
production of corrugated packaging;
as an ice cream thickener;
food additive for cosmetics;
gluing straws, stickers, other accessories.

Scope of food glue application

Before making a final decision and ordering a food thickener, you should understand the features and advantages of using this substance. In fact, manufacturers produce different food thickeners, there are a number of brands that are a guide for other, less well-known manufacturers. But it should be noted that Barvent products not only meet the most stringent international quality standards, but also have a more favorable and affordable price.

Our food sealant adhesive has a number of obvious advantages compared to other types of adhesives, and this makes the products of the leading manufacturer in Uzbekistan especially popular and in demand among the widest range of users. Pharmaceutical glue is widely used by both small manufacturers and large companies, enterprises engaged in the relevant field of activity.

Basic requirements for a food thickener

Adhesive waterproof food glue is a special substance used in areas related to issues of ensuring the safety of citizens, their health, etc. Therefore, this type of product is subject to special, most stringent requirements for quality, environmental safety, natural composition. At the same time, no one took control of such physical and mechanical parameters as strength, reliability and durability.
The company's product, high-temperature food-grade adhesive, meets the requirements in all respects. In fact, food super glue is an industrial adhesive that quickly changes its properties in the process of changing the state of aggregation of a substance. Food adhesive glue is applied to the base in a preheated state (a thermal gun is used, which softens the composition and thickener E466).
In liquid form, the E469 thickener, and with it the ASDA FOOD adhesive, is applied to the surfaces to be glued, which, after a certain period of time, are firmly set. It is profitable to buy food-grade silicone glue, as this product retains its high adhesive properties throughout the entire service life.

Benefits of food glue

The unique food CMC composition of the product has led to the most expanded scope in various fields of production. Highly effective food additive E466, as well as food additive E469 are ideal, not only do not impair taste, but also make them more pronounced, pleasant. E466 is also widely used for pharmaceuticals. As a result, carboxymethyl cellulose food additive has found application as:

Buy food glue

Food thickener in Tashkent, manufactured and sold by our specialized company, is a high-quality product that meets the highest international standards. Our nutritional supplement in Uzbekistan can be delivered to the customer as soon as possible, and the price of the product will be profitable and affordable.

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