V-type fan belts

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Fan belts are intended for transmission of movement from motor shaft to units of automobiles, tractors and combines.

They are intended for transmission of movement from motor shaft to auxiliary units. They operate at the temperature t° from -40°С up to +60°С.

Depending on applied materials, fan belts can be manufactured in two classes: 1-with polyamide cord, 2-with polyester cord.

Traction Layer (rubber layer)
Elastic layer (rubber).
Support layer (cord for belts of cord construction ).
Support layer (fabric carcass for belts with fabric-cord construction).
Compression layer (consists of rubber).

Operability temperature range in the environment of ambient air (outside engine compartment): in climate, from -50С up to +60С if the engine would be previously heated before the start, at the temperature below minus 30С, while the temperature under the bonnet in the area of the belt must be less than 80С. For areas with cold and very cold climate from +40С up to -60С.
Depending on ratio of width and height , fan belts are produced of two types:: I — narrow sectional , II — normal sectional.

Fan belts consist of supporting layer on the basis of cords, made of chemical fabric, rubber and wrapping fabric.


11 — estimated belt width (mm);
10 — section height of the belt (mm);
1500 — estimated belt length (mm);
bp — estimated belt width, mm (cross-sectional width of the belt which is under tension at a neutral line);
b0 — width of the larger base of the belt, mm;
h — height of the belt, mm;
a —wedge angle of the belt, equal to 40°.

Belt types Profile Width of the larger base, mm. Estimated length, bр, mm. Height, h, mm. Wedge angle of the belt, degree.
I SPZ (8.5*8) 10,5 8,5 8 40
SPA (11*10) 13 11 10 40
SPB (14*13; УВ) 17 14 13 40
12,5*9 15 12,5 9 40
14*10 17 14 10 40
II 16*11 19 16 11 40
SPC 22 19 15 40
21*14 25 21 14 40
Fan belts with height 10 mm and more can be produced with teeth. Teeth sizes should conform to the ones, presented in the table.

Parameters Belt sections (bp x h) mm.
11х10; 14х10; 16х11 14х13; 19х12,5; 21х14
Depth of the groove 4,0±1 5,0±1
Width of the groove from 2 to 5 from 2 to 5
Step of the tooth from 8 to 16 from 8 to 16