V-type drive belts with normal sections

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V-belts are used to transmit motion from the engine shaft to the auxiliary units of cars, tractors, combines, machines and other machinery.

There are three main types of V-belts:

— ventilation belts;

— drive belts of normal section;

— wide belts (variator).

Other types of V-belts are less in demand, however, the following products are in production. These are flat-toothed and narrow drive belts. The belts shall consist of a carrier layer on the basis of materials of chemical fibers (cardsor or cord fabric), wrapping tissue layers and layers of rubber, vulcanizing into one product. The bearing layer is located in the longitudinal direction of the belt. The fabric can be used in the layers of rubber. Belts function properly in the temperature range from -30°C to +60°C..

W — the width of the larger base of the belt, mm;

H — belt height, mm;

а — belt wedge angle equal to (40 ±1)º.

Symbol: Z(O), A(A), B(B), C(В), D(E), E(D)
H (B)-1180 GOST 1284.1-89, where:
H (B)- belt profile,
1180 — estimated length, mm.