CMC glue (Technical carboxymethylcellulose)



PROMXIM IMPEX LLC is the largest manufacturer of CMC glue into Central Asia. In 2015, the first line was opened in Navoi. In 2019, the second major line was opened in Tashkent. At the moment, the production capacity has reached 5000 tons per year.

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We manufacture products according to German technology that meets the latest international standards. The high-tech line makes it possible to produce purified CMC with the content of the base material from 65% up to 85%, which makes our product competitive with imported analogues. Externally, the CMC glue (technical carboxymethylcellulose) "ASDACELL" is a finely grained, powdery material of white or cream colour. Used in many industries as a substitute for natural colloidal substances

Today we offer below the following patented brands of our products:
High-viscosity CMC adhesive ASDACELL HV(viscosity level 900-1000)
Highly viscous CMC adhesive ASDACELL PREMIUM(viscosity level 1100-1400)
Low viscosity CMC adhesive ASDACELL LV(viscosity level 400-700)

Advantages of our glue

High filtration rate (water return)
Fast water solubility
Ideally applied to the surface in liquid form
In the form of a finished mixture, preserves pristine appearance and adhesive qualities for more than 10 days
For our production we use the best varieties of cotton cellulose
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    High quality products

    Our organization manufactures products that meet international standards.

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    Accredited laboratory

    We have a specialized accredited laboratory and highly qualified specialists.

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    Individual orders

    We easily meet customers and accept individual orders.

CMC glue is used in various industries:

in the production of textile and silk wallpaper
in the production of building materials and dry mixtures (putties, liquid travertine, silicate bricks and different adhesives)
in the production of detergents (increases desorption properties)
in the agro-industrial complex (used as an organic glue)
in the paint industry (used as a thickener for water-based paints)
in the leather industry (used as a filler as an alternative to starch)
in foundry (used as a core support)
in carpet production and textile industry (used to concentrate fabric base)
in the paper industry (in the production of coatings on paper, as an additive to paper weight for increased paper strength)
used as a wallpaper glue and for gluing various types of paper
in the production of welding electrodes (used as a plasticizer of the ointment mass)
in the production of ceramics (acts as thickener, plasticizer and binder, also improves enamel smoothness)

Key indicators

85 %
The content of the base material is up to 85%.
3000 +
More than 3000 orders every year
5 years of rapid development in the market

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We constantly update production processes and introduce innovative technologies. To improve the quality of our products, we work closely with the Institute of Chemistry and Physics of Polymers of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as conduct laboratory tests for quality compliance in leading laboratories of the Russian Federation. All our products comply with chemical and technical world requirements according to GOST and ISO quality standards and API (American Petroleum Institute)

Production fully meets environmental requirements, does not have harmful emissions polluting the environment, has a certificate of ecological safety of the highest level «A+»





CIP- Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Ufa (Russian Federation)
CIP- Almaty, Shymkent, Atyrau, Nursultan and other cities of Kazakhstan
CIP- Dushanbe, Khujand (Republic of Tajikistan)
CIP - Osh, Bishkek (Kyrgyz Republic)
CIP - Baku (Azerbaijan)
CIP - Ashgabat, Turkmenabad, Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan)
P.S: Provided that the CIP is delivered, a minimum batch of 20 tons