CMC glue (Carbomethylcellulose) ASDACMC



“PROMXIM IMPEX” LLC is being the largest producer of Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) glue in Central Asia. In 2015, the first line was launched in the Navoi City. In 2019, there was piloted the second largest line in the Tashkent City. For the time being, the production capacity reaches up to 5000 tons per year.

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We produce products basing on the German technology, corresponding the latest world standards, high - tech line gives an opportunity to manufacture purified CMC with the content of the main substance to 85% and at the same time, for our production, we use the best quality of cotton cellulose.

To this date, we offer the following patented brands of our products:

- High-viscosity CMC adhesive ASDACMC (viscosity level 900-1000)
- Highly viscous CMC adhesive ASDACMC (viscosity level 1100-1400)
- Low viscosity CMC adhesive ASDACMC (viscosity level 400-700)

To improve the quality of our products, we work closely with the Institute of Chemistry and Physics of Polymers of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and we also conduct laboratory tests for compliance with quality in the leading laboratories of the Russian Federation. All our products meet the global chemical and technical requirements in accordance with GOST , ISO quality and API(American Petroleum Institute).

CMC glue (Carboxymethyl cellulose) ASDACMC is the sodium salt of glycolic acid cellulose. Outwardly, it is fine - grained, powdered material of white and cream color. It is applied in many spheres of industry as a substitute for natural colloidal substances. The products manufactured at our company is not inferior in quality to any overseas competitors and possesses characteristics as:

- suspension stability;
- heat resistance;
- excellent filtration rate of clay - saline solutions (water efficiency);
- fine grinding of finished products, facilitating the use;
- high solubility;
- acceptable price compared to imported analogues.

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CMC glue has a wide application in different spheres of industry:

used in the production of synthetic detergents. A small additive of CMC glue in washing powder or washing paste does not allow particles of a dirt to return on a surface of a fabric during washing, providing a high degree of cleanliness (increases desorption properties);
widely used in the agro-industrial complex as an organic adhesive material that does not destroy the structure of seeds during processing;
in the paint and varnish industry is used as a thickener for the production of waterpaints (VDAK) and putty;
in the tanning industry is used as a filler as an alternative to starch;
in the foundry industry is used as a core binder;
by means of CMC glue in the textile industry, there is a dressing of a fabric basis. Threads processed by a solution of CMC glue are less prone to breakages in the process of weaving, which in turn reduces the number of stops increasing the efficiency of weaving production;
in the construction industry, CMC glue is used as gluing material in the production of various adhesives, putty, in the production of silicate bricks as a suspension and binder agent;
in the paper industry, CMC glue is used as an adhesive basis pastes for wallpaper, in the manufacture of coatings on paper, chalk;
in the production of welding electrodes, CMC glue is used as a pasticizer of putty mass in the manufacture of welding electrodes. The brands of the NaCMC can be manufactured with the content of the main substance from 65 to 85%, which makes them competitive with imported materials.
used in the production of liquid wallpaper as the main raw material
used in carpet production

Key indicators

85 %
Content of the main substance is up to 85%.
350 +
Over 350 orders annually
5 years of rapid market development

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