DROPPER Type 2 with cap / GOST 25336-82. Applied for dispensing of indicators and other solutions in laboratory practice. Type 3 with beak and plastic plug/ GOST 25336-82. It is used for dispensing the in...

Glass cover for microscope slides.

COVERSLIPS Coverslips. Used for: carrying out microanalytical researches in laboratories.


GLASS OPTICAL CUVETTES Optical glass cuvettes. TU U 33.4-14307481-51: 2010. Cuvettes are designed for optical measurement of the optical density of solutions in photometers, spectrophotometers, colorimete...

Laboratory diagnostics equipment

EXSICCATORS AKG.2.849.001. Suitable for drying agents under vacuum at room temperature and for storing at the laboratory works. Note: The kit includes ceramic insert.

Equipment for laboratory diagnostics

CONTROL AND MEASURING DEVICES We can offer you a variety of control and measuring equipment: manometers, alcoholmeters, household thermometers. All products have a quality certificate. Affordable rates. ...

Glass connecting cocks

CONNECTING TAPS GOST 7995-80. Designed for laboratory instruments and devices.

Chemical and laboratory glassware

CHEMICAL LABORATORY GLASSWARE We offer a large selection of laboratory glassware. Ware for laboratories, hospitals, research organizations. Quality guaranteed.


DISTILLATOR Used in laboratory apparatus for heat exchange between two streams. Used for cooling and condensing the steam.

Glass mercury thermometers for precise measurements

ELECTROCONTACT MERCURY THERMOMETERS TPK ELECTROCONTACT MERCURY THERMOMETERS TPK GOST 9871-75. Applied for maintaining a constant (preset) temperature in industrial, laboratory, energy and other installati...