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In 2007, our company started manufacturing paper bags (GOST 2226-88) on Russian equipment using German technology with the production of 7,000,000 bags per year. In 2009, due to market demands and the development of our company, we introduced the production of corrugated boxes on high-tech equipment with the production of 5,000,000 boxes per year.

The production of paper bags and corrugated boxes at «INSTROYTORG NG» LLC is carried out on modern equipment that has no analogues in Uzbekistan. The high quality of the manufactured products is achieved by importing raw materials from the world's leading manufacturers.

We minimize prices for our products through direct contracts with suppliers of raw materials. Our partners: (UPM (Finland) Kotlas Pulp and Paper Mill, Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill, Novolyalinsky Pulp and Paper Mill, NIKOL-PAK Group of Companies, «Yaroslavskaya Paper» CJSC (Russia) Dobrush Pulp and Paper Mill (Belarus)).

Our corrugated boxes and kraft bags are used for:

️Agricultural products - compound feed, seeds, fertilizers, minerals, garden peat;

Products of the chemical industry - coal, soda, casein, lime, resin, PVC;

Food industry products - flour, rice, powdered milk, starch, sugar, potatoes, fish meal;

️ Mineral industry products - dry mixes, chalk powder, cement, gravel, sand, talc, salt;

️ Other products - bone meal, cellulose wool.

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