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We hold a position of the representative and the official dealer of the leading producers of chemical and laboratory ware and laboratory equipment in the Republic of Uzbekistan

The leader in the market of manufacturers!

Today REAL TRADE GROUP LLC will provide the offer of the wide, often exclusive product range allowing to solve complex problems in various branches.

One of the fields of activity of the company is import and wholesale of chemical and laboratory utensils, control and measuring devices (general technical manometers), hydrometers, thermometers, hygrometers.

The wide range of the available production

Our company provides the offer of wide, sometimes even exclusive range of production which allows you to make comprehensive solution to the tasks in different sectors.

Delivery and secure storage of the production

Our company is the major dealer of chemical instrumentation and is ready for buying production which is required for our partners under our own payment and ensure its safe storage.

Favourable prices for the consumers

Collaboration with REAL TRADE GROUP LTD helps to save turnover funds of the customers and allows to decrease transportation costs. Deliveries are supplied for affordable prices and on favourable terms for you.

Today, we offer the following products:

◽️ Control and measuring devices for determination of humidity level, temperature, pressure

◽️ Chemical laboratory products

◽️ Dimensional products, laboratory glassware from heat-resistant and chemical-resistant glass, apparatus and instruments