We represent the BARVENT group of companies, which specializes in the sale of raw materials for the production of travertines. We cooperate with Russian and domestic companies, which in practice have managed to prove their reliability and excellent quality of raw materials.


We constantly replenish the range of goods with raw materials for domestic and Russian travertines. Our customers get access to high quality substances and binders that can be used in the production of detergents and other chemicals. Finished products, which are created by our customers, are supplied throughout the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and are in high demand among consumers.

Chemicals for travertines of foreign and domestic production are of high quality. They can be used for industrial and domestic applications.


Chemicals for travertines are compositions of various substances based on phosphates. Surfactants act as a base for various chemicals and effectively cope with their function.

Detergents based on synthetic origin are characterized by a multicomponent composition. Specialists select ingredients depending on the goals pursued by manufacturers. The quality characteristics of the finished product depend on the choice of ingredients for the future product. The most popular are products designed to remove grease and clean dishes. Chemicals in detergents can be presented in different percentages depending on the purpose of the finished product.

Household chemicals contain chemicals with an aggressive effect, so they effectively cope with various types of pollution. In this regard, they significantly benefit from natural-based detergents. Natural ingredients do not harm the environment and humans.

Detergents contain various waxes, polymeric substances and biocides of various types. If the detergent is intended for industrial use, then its composition additionally includes defoamers, complex reagents and agrochemical ingredients.

Raw materials for the manufacture of travertines are presented on the modern market in a huge assortment. It contains components of inorganic nature, which successfully cope with the functions assigned to them. Due to the additional introduction of fragrances, carbopops and emulsifiers into the composition, it is possible to obtain a thicker composition with a pleasant aroma. The finished composition, due to its consistency, will be able to linger on sloped surfaces. This is especially true in today's industrial environment. The foaming agents included in the product provide effective cleaning of surfaces from contaminants accumulated on them.