Titanium dioxide (chemical formula TiO2) is a crystalline substance, solid and colorless. A distinctive feature of this substance is that, initially having no color, with high-quality processing, it is an unusually productive white pigment in large quantities. Of all these species known to scientists, titanium dioxide is considered the most stable.

The visible spectral band of titanium dioxide practically does not absorb the light spectrum. The substance is non-volatile, under standard conditions it does not dissolve in alkalis, acid compounds and caustic solutions. This substance is characterized by increased reaction resistance to other chemical compounds, even toxic compounds contained in the air.

The inertness of titanium dioxide makes it an absolutely non-toxic and completely safe chemical compound. The contact of titanium dioxide with foodstuffs in packaging is absolutely safe, has no consequences for the human body and its use in food colorings.


Titanium dioxide has found wide application in various fields of human activity. Today, this substance is actively used in many industries. It is used to craft the following materials and items:

Paper, wallpaper, cardboard.

It is titanium dioxide that gives the paper its smoothness and whiteness and guarantees high quality printing.

paints and varnishes

Titanium dioxide is used as a harmless and non-toxic pigment that protects coatings from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Drugs (as an intermediate).

Plastic and products based on it
It ensures the resistance of products to a change in the environment, light weather and other adverse factors.

Cosmetical tools.

Synthetic fabrics and fibers. food products dragees, semi-finished products, white meat, sugar, chewing gum. The maximum amount of a substance in products, of course, is strictly regulated. Other areas Titanium dioxide is also used as a catalyst for chemical reactions.