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LLC "PROMXIM IMPEX" is the largest manufacturer of CMC glue in Central Asia. In 2015, the first line was opened in the city of Navoi. In 2019, a second large line was opened in the city of Tashkent. At the moment, the production capacity has reached up to 10,000 tons per year.
Today we offer the following brands of our products:

High viscosity CMC adhesive ASDACELL HV (viscosity level 900-1000)

ASDACELL PREMIUM high viscosity CMC adhesive (viscosity level 1100-1400)

Low viscosity CMC adhesive ASDACELL LV (viscosity level 400-700)

High quality products

Our organization manufactures products that meet international standards

Accredited laboratory

We have a specialized accredited laboratory and highly qualified specialists

Individual orders

We easily meet our customers and accept individual orders

CMC glue is used in various industries:

in the production of textile and silk wallpapers

in the production of building materials and dry mixes (putty, liquid travertine, sand-lime bricks and various adhesive solutions)

in the production of detergents (increases desorption properties)

in the agro-industrial complex (used as an organic adhesive)

in the paint industry (used as a thickener for the production of water-based paints)

in the leather industry (used as a filler as an alternative to starch)

in a foundry (used as a core fastener) in carpet production and in the textile industry (used for sizing the base of the fabric)

in the paper industry (in the manufacture of coatings on paper, as an additive to paper pulp to increase paper strength)

used as wallpaper paste and for bonding different types of paper in the production of welding electrodes (used as a plasticizer in coating mass)

in ceramic manufacturing (acts as thickener, plasticizer and binding agent, also improves enamel smoothness)