Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, a compound formed from cellulose ether, is often used in modern industry. It is a crystalline fine powder.

Synonyms - E466, CMC, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, Na-CMC. This substance was first obtained in 1918. It has been produced commercially since 1920.


Has a high viscosity;
Improves gelling properties;
Improves flow, consistency and stability properties;
Works in a wide temperature range.

Additive E 466 has gained wide popularity due to its special properties: its viscosity can be adjusted artificially. This allows solving a number of important technological problems in the construction, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Benefits for food production

This is a natural stabilizer;
Does not dissolve in animal and vegetable oils, does not break down when exposed to light;
Improves the viscosity of foods for long shelf life;
Reduces the calorie content of foods due to its emulsifying properties;
It is used as a stabilizer in the processing of fish, the manufacture of casings for meat products.

It is used in the production of mayonnaise, cottage cheese products, ice cream, desserts, marmalade sweets, food creams.

CMC producers in the CIS use carboxymethyl cellulose. The substance is part of the CMC glue. It is used in the manufacture of building mixtures, raw materials for puttying. Adhesives are also used in the manufacture of ceramics as a binding agent and to improve the smoothness of enamel.

In the non-food industry, Na-CMC is used as a raw material for detergents. In the beauty industry, it is used instead of surfactants. Additive found on labels:

Conditioners, shampoos and hairspray;
Shaving creams;
Household chemicals.

In pharmaceuticals, sodium salt is used in the manufacture of:

Tablets, capsules;
Eye drops;
Healing gels and ointments;

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