Our «BARVENT» group of companies is a supplier of high-quality chemicals for water emulsions, enamel and paint production: fillers, binders, pigment pastes, thickeners, inorganic pigments, surfactants, defoamers, coalescents, titanium dioxide, defoamers and other products.


Finished products can be delivered in various containers: plastic bottles, canisters, buckets, metal and plastic barrels, as well as plastic containers of various sizes - from 0.5 to 1000l.

Here at «BARVENT» you can order various binders for the preparation of enamels, paints and water-based products. Latex raw materials for the production of paints and enamels are necessary to create compositions for facade work. Such products are intended for distribution on various types of substrate: concrete, asbestos-cement or brick coating. In the production of paints with a glossy coating, a latex-based film-forming composition is used, which is distinguished by excellent decorative and technical and operational characteristics. Also, film-forming raw materials are suitable for the production of putties for interior work.

By choosing the optimal percentage and combination of components, the finished composition will have an affordable cost and a wide range of applications. The «BARVENT» company will select any raw material for water emulsions and organize its delivery as soon as possible. If the client is faced with the task of creating a matte putty, a paint that can be diluted with water, which will be used for interior finishing work, our specialists will help form the best recipe.

A competent choice of chemicals for aqueous emulsions guarantees the production of high-quality paints and other types of products, as well as saving on their cost.


On the modern market, raw materials for water-dispersion enamels are represented by many varieties, each of which carries a certain functional load. Particles of crushed marble, microscopic fractions of marble, microtalc, various fractions of quartz sand, various types of chalk can be used as fillers.

It is impossible to imagine the chemical industry without the use of biocides and thickeners. The range of biocides is represented by fungicides, preservatives in special containers, algicides and film substances.

Various types of compositions can be used as thickeners. Polyurethane-based raw materials are widely used, which allows you to create enamels and paints with a high level of viscosity for exterior and interior finishing work. In the production of putties, a combined type thickener is used, which allows you to create high-quality products.