The production of washing powder can rightly be called one of the promising and dynamically developing areas of the domestic industry. A quality product will always be in demand, as it can fully satisfy the needs of customers. The «BARVENT» group of companies sells chemical components for washing powders from leading manufacturers in Russia and China throughout Uzbekistan at the best prices.


To get a truly high-quality product, it is necessary to strictly observe the technology for the production of washing powder. Practice shows that dry and liquid products are quite popular on the market. The powder product maintains its popularity due to the lower price. By using quality detergent chemicals, which you can buy at «BARVENT», you can produce a cleaner for colored, woolen and silk and white clothes.

There is a growing demand for hypoallergenic products and products enriched with biological additives to give bright colors or delicate fragrances to things. Gradually, products that can improve the properties of the fabric are gaining popularity. When choosing raw materials for washing powders in our company, manufacturers are increasingly monitoring its environmental safety. Caring for the environment is becoming a new trend.

The simplicity of the technology for the production of washing powder allows you to master it in the shortest possible time and open your own enterprise for the production of detergents. The manufacture of washing powder includes two main processes - the preparation of a chemical composition and the subsequent drying of the raw material. The «BARVENT» group of companies offers chemicals for washing powders in convenient commercial packages, regardless of the batch of the order.

The preparation of a chemical composition involves mixing additives and surfactants in certain proportions. The dosage of each component is determined by the computer, taking into account the purpose and features that the finished product should have.


In addition to raw materials for powders, we successfully sell the main raw materials for liquid wallpaper. Mixing of components must be carried out in strict accordance with the approved recipe. The main raw material for liquid wallpaper and powder passes through a complex process chain consisting of many stages. After mixing the components, the mixture is sprayed with thorough drying until granules of the required size are formed. If necessary, additional additives are introduced into the composition of the product, and then the finished product is packed and packaged.

Each solution containing composites is filtered through a special colloidal mill. The approximate chemical composition of the composite solution is as follows. About 50% falls on water and the same amount on solid fractions. The solution is dried by spraying the product in a special drying bath through nozzles at a temperature of 180 degrees and under a pressure of 30-50 atmospheres. This method of preparation of the product allows you to get a granular powder of excellent quality.