PAC is a chemically modified version of the sodium salt of carboxymethyl cellulose. It is used in the oil and gas industry to improve the performance of slurries. It is a water-soluble polymer that serves as an environmentally friendly drilling agent. It helps prevent water leakage and allows you to create a layer of filtration near the borehole walls.

Polyanionic cellulose performs more effectively in salt-laden liquids than CMC. It is used for all kinds of water-based drilling fluids, including saturated salt and magnesium.


Control of rheological properties of fluids for drilling and filtration;
Borehole cleaning, rock extraction;
Prevents clay and alumina from being washed away by water;
High temperature and salt resistance;
Maintains the biological stability of drilling fluids.

Chemical agent for drilling

PAC production in Central Asia uses cotton cellulose as a raw material. Drilling chemicals are indispensable for improving the performance of drilling fluids.

Drilling fluid

Drilling fluid in Uzbekistan is produced by the BARVENT group of companies under the ASDA PAC brand. High-quality PAC is sold in bulk on favorable terms for customers and at the best price compared to competitors. You can get detailed information about the products sold, delivery conditions by phone or e-mail (in the “Contacts” section on the site).

Drilling fluid Uzbekistan

ASDA PAC has found wide application in the practice of oil and gas companies in Uzbekistan. It complies with international standards for this substance. This is an environmentally friendly product that does not form toxic substances during decomposition. It is packed in bags of 20 kg. Transportation and storage of the product is carried out in a multilayer container with polyethylene inserts. Storage conditions: in a dry and clean room away from heat sources.

Production of drilling fluid

In the oil exploration and development process, PAC plays an important role in oilfield chemistry. The production of drilling reagent in the CIS is aimed at the production of two types of pulp PAC:

PAC LV is a low viscosity PAC. It is used to regulate filtration, viscosity and as a clay encapsulator in fresh, hard and salt water.

PAC HV is a high viscosity pulp. It increases viscosity and rheological parameters, reduces filtration. It is effectively used in the process of coal-clay shale, since the solid phase is significantly reduced in solutions.