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"ASDAPAPER" - wallpaper and paper glue used for gluing all types of wallpaper and various types of paper. It is also used in the paper industry in the manufacture of paper coatings as an additive to paper pulp to increase its strength.

Advantages of ASDAPAPER paper glue in comparison with European and world analogues:

The cost is many times cheaper!

The quality of gluing and fixing wallpaper to the surface is twice as good

In the form of a ready mix, it can retain its original appearance and adhesive qualities for more than 14 (!) days.

High Recoil : 500 gr. packaging of imported products can be dissolved in 10 - 12 liters of water, and ASDAPAPER products in 30 liters of water, that is, three times more solubility

Paper and wallpaper glueASDAPAPER

In a short time, we were able to achieve great success in this direction, at the beginning of our path we made a competent strategy for 5 years of our further development, worked with the best marketers to competently achieve the set strategy, we were able to implement ASDAPAPER in all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, presented more than 1000 times our product to craftsmen and foremen, managed to improve the packaging design to the ideal, officially patented our brand.

We are pleased to offer the following product line

200 gr; 500 gr; (for light and medium types of wallpaper and paper)
200gr; 500 gr - (for heavy types of wallpaper and paper)