Oil drilling solution is used in the operation of an oil or gas well. Its main task is to flush boreholes during well drilling. The dispersion system of liquids is necessary for the processes of bottomhole and shaft space cleaning, filtration, and safety.

Drilling fluids by type of dispersion medium:

Water: non-clay and clay;
Hydrocarbon based;
On an aerated basis.

Non-clay drilling fluids include process water, various slurries and polymer-based formulations. In order to achieve optimal structural and rheological properties of these dispersed systems, a reagent for oil and gas drilling is often used - polyanionic cellulose (PAC).

Raw materials for the oil and gas industry are produced from cotton cellulose. As a result of complex chemical processes, sodium carbocellulose with a high degree of substitution is obtained. This compound is effective in all water-based drilling fluid systems, including those with potassium chloride and sodium chloride bases. It has a high temperature resistance. Its main task is to filter and stabilize process fluids used for drilling and repairing oil and gas wells.

Raw materials for oil and gas drilling in Uzbekistan are produced by the BARVENT group of companies under the ASDA PAC brand. The company produces 2 types of pulp PAC:

Low viscosity PAC. It is used to reduce the filtration of drilling fluids without changing the rheological properties;
Highly viscous, reduces filtration, improves rheology, increases viscosity.

Oil and gas industry of Uzbekistan

Slows down the destruction of the borehole walls;
Improves the cooling and lubricating properties of drilling fluids;
Maintains thermal and biological stability of drilling fluids.

The oil and gas industry of Uzbekistan widely uses ASADA PAC products. It complies with international standards for this substance. This is an environmentally friendly product that does not form toxic substances when decomposed.

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