What is kmts glue for?

Various types of wallpaper for a long period of time remain the most popular finishing material in demand among the widest range of users. And CMC glue is considered the most popular means for pasting walls with wallpaper. CMC glue raw material for putties for paper is a durable and reliable material that allows you to permanently attach the canvas to a wall or other prepared base.

It is noteworthy that the raw material dissolves easily and quickly in water (regardless of its temperature) and in just a couple of minutes reaches a state of complete readiness for use. At the same time, the composition remains homogeneous, and excellent technical characteristics are provided by sodium carboxymethyl cellulose.

As a result, CMC glue has the following characteristics:

the ratio of dry matter in the structure is not less than 57%;
active item in ASDA - 69% or more;
an important parameter is the moisture content of the product, which should be exactly 12%;
dry product swelling time in water - no more than 2 hours;
all important operational parameters are stored for 7 days.

Sostav kleya kmts

Kley KMTs Tashkent got its name because of the chemical composition of the product, which is based on carboxymethylcellulose. Eta karbonnaya cellulose, dlya sprototy vospriyatiya nazvaniya i poluchila svoyu sokrashchennuyu abbreviaturu. Internal wallpaper glue KMTs looks like a regular powder white color, with a trace of melchayshikh granules.

V poslednee vremya proizvodstvo jidkogo kleya usovershenstvovali, i v sostav KMTs vvodyat veshchestva, dobavki, obespechivayushchie unifitsirovannye antisepticheskie kachestva. Takoy klei ASDACELL sposoben actively vosprepyatstvovat poyavleniyu bka, ego rosti i razvitiyu.

Клей КМЦ заказать

In order to profitably order CMC glue and remain confident in the quality of the product, you need to pay attention to its color. High-quality production of liquid wallpaper is possible only from pure white CPC. This requirement is included in GOST and is subject to the strictest enforcement. Only in this case, the product provides all those qualities and properties that allow, after combining the granules with water, to achieve ideal parameters. The presence of shades of yellow is unacceptable.

Виды клея кмц

Low viscosity CMC. It is used for pasting walls and other surfaces with ordinary wallpaper, in the paint and varnish industry it is used as a thickener for the production of water-based paints, as well as when included in putties, paints, etc.
High viscosity CMC. It is advisable to use it when pasting walls with heavy materials. Provides increased strength of the connection, reliability, durability, resistance to stress. It is possible to use such glue for ceramics.

CMC glue price

Our specialized company offers CMC glue, the characteristics of which fully comply with the requirements and standards of GOST. High quality products are always in stock and can be supplied to the customer wholesale or retail. The prices are favorable. Service is at the European level.
Due to the unique physical and chemical parameters, CMC glue in the CIS is actively used in the manufacture of other types of building materials:

CMC for emulsions gives the formulation improved properties such as plasticity, protection against bacteria, etc.

CMC for aqueous emulsions not only facilitates the process of applying paint to the surface, but also increases the adhesion strength to the substrate.

CMC adhesive for putties and adhesive for ceramics increases strength characteristics, makes the composition more plastic, easy to use.

Adhesive for fodder production is also used, making it possible to significantly facilitate, simplify the process of making carpet products, and reduce costs.

CMC glue for washing powders, CMC for dry mixtures, CMC glue for putties, when introduced into the composition of which, the foaming and washing properties of the product are significantly increased, and its the cost goes down. In general, such raw materials for detergents turned out to be a real find.