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ASDAPAC Highly Purified Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC) is an effective drilling fluid for viscosity control and filtration of low solids and clay-free muds. Effective as a stabilizer for all types of water-based drilling fluids in the oil and gas sector.

Today we offer the following patented brands of our products:

Drilling fluid ASDAPAC – HV (polyanionic cellulose with high viscosity)
Drilling reagent ASDAPAC – LV (polyanionic cellulose with low viscosity)
Drilling reagent ASDA PAC HV high viscosity (Polyanionic cellulose) is a carboxymethyl cellulose with a high degree of substitution. In the process of drilling production and production oil, gas and water wells, polyanionic cellulose (PAC) used as additives for drilling fluids performs two functions - it creates a filter layer at the walls of the well to minimize water losses and controls the rheology of liquid systems. Both water and organic solvents can serve as the basis for drilling fluids, however, today's environmental requirements and technological features of well drilling processes determine the use of water-based drilling fluids in most cases.

ASDA PAC LV low viscosity drilling fluid (Polyanionic Cellulose) is used to increase the relative viscosity and reduce the filtration rate of clay-free muds and muds with a low solids content. It is effective as a stabilizing agent in all types of water-based drilling fluids, provides stabilization of the borehole walls when drilling shale, and helps to reduce the solid phase in the drilling fluid. Reduces the filtration rate. It forms a thin and elastic filter cake, which allows to reduce drilling mud losses, to keep the diameter of the annular space to the maximum and to reduce hydraulic resistance in the wellbore. Thermally stable and stable in highly mineralized environments (saturated solutions of sodium and potassium chlorides).

The main consumers of "ASDAPAC" are such large companies of the company as:

ASDAPAC Advantages:

Increased thermal stability of drilling fluids

High water loss