Our group of companies "BARVENT" specializes in the sale of raw materials from China and Russia for the production of various chemicals, including detergents throughout the Republic of Uzbekistan. Our line includes samples of both domestic and foreign production, intended for industrial and domestic use. The basic basis of chemicals for detergents are compositions of surfactants: anionic surfactants; nonionic surfactants; amphoteric; cationic and other substances based on phosphates.


Synthetic household detergents have a multi-component composition. A set of certain ingredients determines the specific purpose of household chemicals. It is the composition and quantitative composition of the components that determine the qualitative characteristics of the finished product intended for domestic use. The composition of the ingredients determines what type of soil can be removed by the resulting product, for example, dishwashing or active grease removal.

The quantitative ratio of chemicals for detergents enhances or weakens the aggressiveness of the finished mixture, the same indicator determines the safety of the finished product. Synthetic ingredients for household chemicals are much more aggressive and more productive in dealing with any type of pollution, unlike natural substances, but natural ingredients do not harm humans and the environment. Polymers, waxes, various biocides are added to chemically synthesized surfactants. The raw materials used for the production of industrial detergents consist of defoamers, agrochemical components, and complex reagents.

Raw materials for detergents have a huge range of elements of inorganic nature. Without fail, it also includes various fragrances, emulsifiers and carbopops, which make the finished composition thicker so that the liquid can linger on sloped surfaces. Foaming agents not only quickly break down dirt, but also create a protective layer on the surface that prevents re-contamination.


Our group of companies "BARVENT" sells exclusively high-quality raw materials for the production of detergents. We are dealers of reliable manufacturers who have multi-level production control and laboratory tests that completely exclude the presence of unusual impurities or low-quality ingredients. We have all required certificates and sanitary approvals. You can be sure of the quality of our raw materials, which can be immediately put into production lines.

The BARVENT group of companies offers its customers:

Established supply of raw materials of impeccable quality;
Regular deliveries of parties of any size;
Established logistics;
Convenient forms of payment, we provide regular customers with installment payments, discounts, which makes cooperation with us as profitable as possible.
You can buy raw materials for detergents in a convenient container at the most favorable price. Our managers will carry out bulk purchases of any volume under the responsibility of the company and guarantee proper storage in the warehouse.