Polyacrylamide wholesale at a bargain price

Polyacrylamide is a versatile chemical that is used in the preparation of liquids with a gel-like texture, as well as in the manufacture of film materials. The component can be considered as a high-quality flocculant and coagulant.


This substance has been used in chemical production since the middle of the last century. It looks like a white granular powder and has a second name - polypropenamide. What is Polyacrylamide used for?

The material with excellent hygroscopic properties has a wide range of applications. The ingredient, coming into direct contact with water, turns into a gel. It is practically insoluble in organic solvents. The substance enters into active reactions with alkalis and metal ions.

The chemical properties of the polymer determine the vast scope of its application. Due to its ability to gel, polyacrylamide in Tashkent can be used in the following areas: oil refining, production of contact lenses, plastic surgery, molecular biology, production of polymer packaging, agriculture.

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Monochloroacetic acid

Monochloroacetic acid in Uzbekistan is also widely used in modern chemical production. Monochloroacetic acid is one of the most important highly reactive products. These qualities make it possible to use the material for the synthesis of an extensive list of products of organic origin: agrochemicals, fertilizers. Also, monochloroacetic acid in Tashkent is used for the manufacture of paints and varnishes, plastics, personal hygiene products, cosmetics, and detergents. We offer to buy monochloroacetic acid for use in the mining, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and food industries.

Flaked caustic soda

Flaked caustic soda in Tashkent is successfully used in the chemical industry due to its ability to neutralize organic contaminants, dissolve mud plugs and grease deposits. What is caustic soda used for? This ingredient is highly active, and therefore has the ability to corrode organic matter and provoke burns. Flaked caustic soda is in demand in Uzbekistan because it is easily soluble in alcohol solution and water, has a high boiling point, and also actively interacts with tin, zinc and aluminum.

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