Chain of stores "SVETOLYUKS"

“Svetolux” chain stores were established in 2015. Since 2016 we expand our trade which gives us an opportunity to significantly increase our stock assortment.

As our first shop has started to work we found out great demand for high-quality lighting fixtures for home, office or outdoor lighting.

During very short period of time we significantly increased assortment of products adding specialised lighting equipment such as flood lamps, electric fixtures manufactured by leading global producers: socket connectors, lighting switches, dimmers.

Our target is to provide our customers with high-quality long-lived products that is why we choose the best manufacturers: “SCHNEIDER”, “VIKO”, “GUNSAN”, “ELBI”, “NILSON”, “ABB”, “HAIGER”, “UZKABEL”, “ELT”, “AKFA LIGHTING”, “ION”, “ECOLIGHT”, “TECHNOLIGHT”, “CHINT”, who gained very good reputation.

For bulk purchasers, professional master builders and electrical specialists we offer discounts and cumulative discount system.


In “Svetolux” shop you can purchase the following:

  • Ceiling lighting fixtures (including Hi-Tech style, Empire style, cut-glass chandeliers and many others);
  • Wall-mounted lighting fixtures (including lighting fixtures for bath-rooms, mirror lights);
  • Desk lamps;
  • Specialized lamps and spotlights for local illumination of mirrors, pictures , etc.;
  • Various luminaires;
  • Shopwindow lighting;
  • Specialised lamps for swimming pools;
  • Suspension LED lamps;
  • Street lighting equipment (lanterns, “Pushkin Style” lanterns, grassplot light, spotlights);
  • Flood light luminaries of various wattage;
  • LED panels (any type and size);
  • LED rolls (any type and size);
  • Switches, socket connectors (SHNEIDER, VIKO, GUNSAN, ELBI, NILSON, ABB);
  • Automatic tripping circuit-breakers (SHNEIDER, VIKO, CHINT, ABB);
  • Other electric fixtures;
  • All types of cables (PUGNP, PUNP, UTP, TRBN, ККV, PVS), corrugated hoses and boxes;
  • Voltage stabilizers (STABIK, ALSMIR), UPS(ION) of any power capacity;
  • LED bulbs (AKFA lighting, Technolight, Ecolight, ELT) manufactured by leading global producers;
  • Mosquito lamps.


Our in-store consultants have great experience in this field. That is why they can always give you expert advice and help you to choose whatever you really need.

We pay special attention to every client and supply our customers only with high-quality imported products.

High-quality and beautiful lighting fixtures would adorn your house, office, shop or restaurant and serve you during long time, bringing light, comfort and convenience to your everyday life!