CMC glue


In 2015 PromximImpex LTD. has launched one of the largest CMC glue production lines. This production meets all the modern international standards. Our high-tech line allows manufacturing of purified CMC glue with the concentration of basic substance up to 85%.

Today the existing production is actively scaled up. The product line is extended from day to day and the quality of products is continuously increased. So, we offer a wide range of CMC glue for various industries.

Being a simple ether of cellulose, CMC glue (Carboxymethyl cellulose) – sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is the sodium salt of cellulose glycolic acid.


In appearance it is a fine, white or cream-colored powder.


Generally, it is used in various industries as a substitute of natural colloidal substances.


Due to the variety of compounds in cellulose ethers , that are different from each other by viscosity and degree of substitution , CMC glue can be applied in the following industrial fields:

  • synthetic detergents production.   Addition of small amounts of CMC glue into a laundry detergent or detergent paste will prevent  the returning of dirt particles to the surface of fabric while it is being washed. So, CMC glue   helps to achieve high degree of cleanliness (improves the desorption properties).
  • widely used in agriculture as an organic adhesive that does not destroy the structure of treated seeds;
  • in production of  paint and varnishes it is used as a thickener for water based paints (WD-AP) and fillers;
  • in tanning industry it is used as a filler that is an alternative to starch;
  • in foundry industry – as a core binder.
  • in textile industry CMC glue is used for warp sizing. Yarns treated by CMC solution are more resistant to breakage in weaving. This helps to reduce the number of stoppages and improves the efficiency of weaving process.
  • in construction CMC glue is used as an adhesive base in manufacturing of various adhesive mortars, fillers. Also CMC glue is used as a suspending and binding agent in manufacturing of silica bricks.
  • in paper industry CMC glue is used as an wallpaper paste glue, applied in production of paper coatings and coated paper, used  as  an additive to paper stock for increasing the paper strength.
  • in manufacturing of welding electrodes (rods) CMC glue is used as a coating material plasticizer in production of welding electrodes.
  • used in oil and gas industry as a protective colloid – stabilizer in highly mineralized clay suspensions for drilling.


The content of the basic substance in different NaCMC brands may vary from 65 to 85% . This fact  makes them competitive with imported materials.


Availability of a specialized accredited laboratory and highly qualified staff allows to manufacture CMC glue with the  characteristics and .