Chemical production


Our company delivers chemical production directly from manufacturing plants to Uzbek market. They include: hydrogen peroxide 60% (Turkey), caustic soda flake 98% (China), trisodium phosphate (Russia), silica gel KSKG, KSMG (Russia), phosphoric acid 85% (China).

Industrial chemistry has a wide range of application in technological processes of various industries, construction, public utilities, etc.


It is impossible to imagine modern world without chemical industry.

Industrial chemistry is a production, that we use almost everywhere and every day. The demand for it not only doesn’t decrease, but even growing from day to day.  In fact, there is no production or economic sector that can work properly and develop  without it.  Energy industry and construction, industry and service and many other ones sorely and constantly need chemical production, though this industry, in comparison with the others, always stays very active and agile.


Our company is a major supplier of chemical production and supplies the partners with high-quality production at an affordable price.

Today REAL TRADE GROUP LTD supplies wide, and often exclusive, range of products that allow completely address various issues in different industries.   Moreover, we are ready to purchase  production, that our customers need, under our own payment guarantee and ensure it safe keeoing.  Collaboration with REAL TRADE GROUP LTD helps to save turnover funds of the customers and allows to decrease transportation costs.


REAL TRADE GROUP LTD performs supply of  chemical production from warehouse timely and at affordable cost, on favorable terms for you.



Hydrogen peroxide 60%. Cans of 65 kg

Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide, perhydrol, gidroperit) – colorless transparent slightly viscous liquid with a faint peculiar odor and “metallic” taste, unboundedly soluble in water, alcohol and ether. Non-flammable, fire and explosion hazard liquid, which is a strong oxidant.

Trisodium phosphate

Trisodium phosphate (trisodium sodium phosphate) is used in power industry; cellulose and paper industry; food industry; production of synthetic detergents; as surfactants in the production of cement and drilling.

Sodium hydroxide, caustic alkali, caustic soda

Sodium hydroxide, caustic, technical caustic sodium is used for chemical, petrochemical, gas, metallurgy, medical industry and for production of fertilizers and in cellulose and paper industry.

Caustic sodium flake 98%

Caustic sodium. Caustic sodium – technical caustic sodium, sodium hydroxide, caustic, sodium hydroxide, sodium alkali, has the formula NaOH. It is represented by flakes or granules of white color, which have such property as hygroscopicity.

Orthophosphoric Acid 85% edible

Orthophosphoric acid is slightly-yellow or yellow liquid, that at ambient air temperature is a solid substance (colorless hygroscopic crystals), at a temperature above 213 ° C it becomes  pyrophosphoric acid H4P2O7.

Silicagel KSKG, KSMG

Silicagel is a porous product with highly developed inner surface , that has solid glass type or matte grains of oval or spherical shape, from colorless to dark with black inclusions.   Very hydrophilic, good sorbent.  Usually silicagel is represented by small pore or large pore type. Size of grains, depending on type and brand of silicagel, varies from  0,2 to 7 mm.